Kit Carson
Mission Statement
To educate students on agriculture-related topics while preparing them for real-world career skills. While doing so, we instill strong leadership skills and make our FFA members the best possible versions of themselves. To make our chapter well-rounded, we volunteer for community members and agriculturists which furthers our members' understanding of agriculture.
Student Leaders
Chapter PresidentTess JohnsonBio Coming Soon
Chapter Vice PresidentAlex MitchekBio Coming Soon
Chapter SecretaryLindsey Mayhan 
Chapter ChaplainGunner RandelBio Coming Soon
Chapter TreasurerPaul Mitchek 
Chapter ParliamentarianAlex ArroyoBio Coming Soon
Chapter SentinelAshlee KochBio Coming Soon
Chapter ReporterPayge RadyBio Coming Soon
Program Vision Statements
To educate our members on agricultural related topics.
Help community members when needed.
Instill strong leadership characteristics into our members.
Volunteer for local agriculturists to make stronger student-community bonds.
Create a strong bond between the members of our FFA program.
Student Committees
CommitteeCommittee Summary and Objectives
Growing Leaders - Career Success
Chair: Lindsey Mayhan
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
Chair: Mason Marriott
Growing Leaders - Leadership
Chair: George Jackson III
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
Chair: Zephrey ZMiller Miller
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
Chair: Grayson McWilliams
Building Communities - Citizenship
Chair: Gunner Randel
Building Communities - Economic Development
Chair: Corrina Diamond
Building Communities - Environmental
Chair: Brayden Gaynor
Building Communities - Human Resources
Chair: Fernanda Arreola
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
Chair: Josiah Irwin
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
Chair: Rowdy Koch
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
Chair: Karlene Butler
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
Chair: Fernanda Arreola
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
Chair: Alex Arroyo
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
Chair: Amethyst Sell

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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